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cost733cat-2.0 centroid plots

See catalog table for existing configurations and explanation of abbreviations, visit cost733wiki or cost733 main page for information about the COST Action 733.

classification method number of types preprocessing mode classification input data classification domain centroid parameter centroid level
(for Z,R,T,VORT only)
centroid season
map size:
lon: :
lat: :
draw box
draw labels
centroid data
seasonal cycle
interann. freq.
searching GWLo09_YR_S01_SP/GWLo09_YR_S01_SP_D00.txt...
GWLo09_YR_S01_SP D00: GWLo09_YR_S01_SP/GWLo11_YR_S01_SP_D00.txt (actually 11 types)
See statistics at GWLo09_YR_S01_SP/GWLo11_YR_S01_SP_D00.stat