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Welcome to cost733class-1.2

cost733class is a software package to create, compare, visualize and evaluate weather and circulation type classifications.

It is licensed under GPL and still under development.
Any help (for documentation, development or debugging) would be very much appreciated!

When using the software for publications please cite:
Philipp A., C. Beck, R. Huth and J. Jacobeit (2014): Development and comparison of circulation type classifications using the COST 733 dataset and software. International Journal of Climatology. DOI: 10.1002/joc.3920

Download and installation

Please: Send an e-mail to in order inform us about usage of the package: just the name of the institution, country, general purpose will be great. It helps us justifying software development and maintenance. Thank you!

In order to get the software running please consider the following:

  • Install some prerequisites:
    • Ubuntu 14.04
      sudo apt-get install gfortran g++ subversion autoconf libtool libXi-dev libXmu-dev freeglut3-dev libjpeg-dev libxxf86vm-dev libxaw7-dev libcurl4-gnutls-dev bison make flex texinfo libjasper-dev
    • Ubuntu 16.04 (without libXi-dev and libXmu-dev)
      sudo apt-get install gfortran g++ subversion autoconf libtool freeglut3-dev libjpeg-dev libxxf86vm-dev libxaw7-dev libcurl4-gnutls-dev bison make flex texinfo libjasper-dev
  • Check out or update source code:
    • check out:
      svn checkout
      • Eventually update your local copy of the source code (only neccessary if something changed on the server):
        cd cost733class-1.2
        svn update --accept theirs-full
      • If you have done a checkout from the old server geo23 then you have to change the servername in your local repository copy:
        cd cost733class-1.2
        svn info
        svn switch --relocate
        svn info
        svn update --accept theirs-full
    • OR download tar-ball from
      tar xvfj cost733class-1.2_RC_revision89.tar.bz2
  • Build the software (add "--disable-opengl" and/or "--disable-grib" if not needed, use compile_*.sh scripts if preferred):
    cd cost733class-1.2
    make clean
    autoreconf --install
    chmod u+x configure
    ./configure FC=gfortran FCFLAGS="-fbounds-check -fbacktrace -g -O2" CC=gcc --disable-jpeg 
  • Run the binary (or use script run-sh):

OSGeo7.0 / Xubuntu 12.05 Live System with installed cost733class-1.2

  • For cost733class-1.2_revision20 there is a live-DVD/USB image available at: ( 3.4 GB / 3624577024 Bytes )

In order to use it, use e.g. the Ubuntu "startup-disk-creator" to copy this iso-image to an USB pendrive (Tip: use a 8GB stick and set the user space reserved for saving files such large that only a few MB are left).

After booting from the pendrive (evt. use F12 for the boot menu) the cost733class-1.2 software is located at: /usr/local/cost733class-1.2 and there is a symbolic link from /usr/local/cost733class-1.2/src/cost733class to /usr/local/bin/cost733class

  • Furthermore there is a complete 8 GB USB-pendrive image, including the space available for saving user files, which can be directly copied to a 8 GB USB-pendrive by dd:
    dd if=osgeo-live-cost733class-7.0-i386_20130924a.dd of=/dev/sdz conv=notrunk
    Replace /dev/sdz/ by your USB device which can be figured out by df -h

Get the dd image at: ( 7.8 GB / 7811891200 bytes )


Screenshots and videos

Terminal Videos

The Terminal videos demonstrate how to install and run the software without graphical user interface:

OpenGL screenshots

The major change compared to cost733class-1.0 is the use of f03gl together with the freeglut library in order to allow interactive visualisation and control. The following screenshots and videos demonstrate the OpenGL interface:

OpenGL Videos